History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers

Described as “John Wayne Driving a Truck”, Canadian Alex Debogorski is now starring in the  History Channel’s seventh season of the Emmy-nominated Ice Road Truckers.  While it was “luck” that presented this job to him when he was a young man in need of making more money, Alex is so much more than just an “ice road trucker.”



The Real Insta Alex

Alex Debogorski shares his latest gallery of images from his travels all over the world on tours, events and more….



Alex D – Author, Journalist, Blogger

Opinionated, passionate, articulate and intelligent, Alex regularly writes articles for the local newspaper – the Yellowknifer — on topics of interest to him. He also speaks to groups, conferences and conventions around the world where he patiently signs autographs and meets with the legions of fans that want to know more about the man behind the wheel.



Real Raves and Testimonials for Alex D

“In true Alex fashion, this book is exactly what you expect it to be. Alex tells his story about his life, growing up as a child, getting married, raising a family and becomming an ice road trucker. He mixes in several tales as only Alex can to keep you glued to your seat, waiting to read the next page. The book is very easy to read and you will find it very hard to put down as you sit next to Alex and listen to him tell his story.”